When it comes to the many different types, sizes and configurations of residential windows, the right choice is one that will return a myriad of benefits, with certainty. 


With an average home having as many as 18 windows, carefully chosen windows can breathtakingly change both the interior as well as the exterior. Interior decoration particularly transforms itself with the right windows, to complement furniture, theme and mood a home owner expects from their home. When used intelligently, windows have the incredible and magical ability to eliminate a sense of division in your home, instead giving you the sense that you live in a seamless living space, where one living quarter smoothly blends into another. Another primary benefit is the flood of lighting the right choice of windows can provide, especially if the home was previously not very receptive to natural sunlight. Windows that let light stream in can bask a home into a energizing and productive space, as well as being relaxing and comfortable. 

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Window Wright windows are also exceedingly energy efficient, trapping warmth during winter and reflecting heat during the hot summer months, providing year round comfort and energy efficiency. ​

No need to settle for windows that are susceptible to easy break-ins. Window Wright windows pass rigorous forced entry tests. Only the Best of the Best locking systems are designed and intensively tested against ‘jimmying’ break-ins.

While the right windows can definitely change the look, feel, security, energy-efficiency and even the value of your home, it is imperative that you choose the right type of windows for your home. Purchasing from a seasoned window expert makes the best sense as only an expert in this field is aware of the many style and benefits of windows available in the market today, to then choose the window that will make the most sense for your home. 

At Window Wright we have decades of experience in window selection, helping you first envision a home with the right windows, and then provide you with those fabulous new windows. 

Window Wright sells the nations ‘Best of the Best’ windows, offering best energy savings, best style, best security, best warranty, and so much more.

Contact Window Wright to discuss your windows and patio doors today. A representative will provide you with insights and a vision that will immediately make sense for you and your home.

Sandra Michelini - designer